Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal people are particularly determined and can work well with personal deadlines and goals. They may sometime shy away from others and find it easier to work alone and quietly, but it is likely that they will be strong in one or two more intelligences.
If you are intrapersonal then you are really good at knowing how you are feeling and how you may react to certain situations in the near future.
If you are intrapersonal you are pretty independent and are happy spending time alone. You may find it easier to learn by thinking and working quietly on your own somewhere.
Some people might think you can be quite shy sometimes.
You are also a determined character who might not be as at risk to peer pressure, and you probably have a good idea of your own strengths and weaknesses and what you would like to be when you’re older.
Perhaps you like to set yourself personal goals, or you might have a hobby that you like to keep to yourself.
Maybe you’re interested in religion, or use art, drama, music or writing a diary or online-Blog to express your inner feelings.
Good match careers would be:
Small business owner/Self employed person,
Film director,
Social Worker,
Personal trainer or writer.Famous examples: Freud, Eleanor Roosevelt, Plato.

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