Do Paperless Actions to Save Our Earth


If we have time to realize, in our daily life, we use much paper. We use paper to write our lectures, buy food for lunch, dry our sweat, and even do useless things like drawing something unimportant when we bored listening teacher’s lesson. We need much paper to do all of it. Whereas, we all know that paper is made from trees. More paper, more tree will cut off. If we still do that, undoubtedly, we will have no tree anymore in the world. We will be difficult to get oxygen, pollution can’t be overcame, the world will be so hot because of global warming, and other bad effect that will happen. Some paperless actions that we can do are like use two sides of paper, use recycled paper, use soft copy than hard copy, and use paper wisely. Paperless actions can minimize paper usage and production of paper, save many trees and forest from deforestation. Save forest means save earth. When earth is save we can live longer in this world. So, It is why paperless actions can save our earth and our life.

As we know, the consumption of paper in the world increases every time.  This phenomenon influences existence of our trees and forest. Because, paper is made from 95% wood fibers of a tree. Every hour, our earth loses 1.735,5 hectar forest to produce paper. Deforestation can’t be avoided. Whereas, many living things need forest. Forest as a home for animals, plants, and even human. Forest can  prevent global warming. The Phenomenon that can damages our earth and disturbs our life. By paperless actions we have contributed to save our forest and earth.

Moreover, American Forest and Paper Association said that paper industries are the biggest three consument of fuel in the world. As we know that fuel is unrenewable energy and important thing in our life. I can’t imagine how to life without fuel. There will no electricity, car can’t be operated, and even no fried rice anymore. A bad condition that we won’t be happened. Which one you will choose? No paper or no electricity. I think you are wise enough to decide which one you want. If you still think that paper is still important, paperless actions that can we do is recycle paper. Because recycle paper can save 64% of energy that is needed to produce new paper from tree. Paperless actions can save energy, it means save earth, too.

Besides save our forest and energy, paperless actions can save our earth from pollution that can causes global warming phenomenon. Do you know that paper industries produce about 2.6 tons of carbondioxide to produce 1 ton of paper?. Carbondioxide is one of the green house effect gases that can causes global warming phenomenon. Extreme climate change, damage of ozone layers, and earth become hotter is some of bad effect of global warming phenomenon. We can help to prevent it happened by do paperless actions.

We only have one earth in this world. We can’t go anywhere to escape if our earth damage. It is our only home for live. Maybe the reason why we are not care is because we think that we will not live forever in this world. Yes, it is exactly true. But, don’t make it a reason to explore this earth until run out before you died. We still have children to continue our live. Don’t give our children horrible place to live. Let’s give them a beautiful world to grow. By paperles actions we can save our forest, energy, and prevent global warming that means we help to save our earth.


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